Friday, October 29, 2010

To spray, or not to spray, that is the dilemma

Its spring and my roses are covered in aphids. They’re destroying the new shoots, sucking the sap, withering the rosebuds.  I love my roses. I love having huge bouquets in the lounge and on the dining table with their perfume filling the house. If I want my roses I must eliminate the aphids.  I must spray.
I went outside to “kill the little suckers”. Instead I ended up watching them – and all the other little insects.  Couldn’t help myself.  I noticed black ants forming a trail up the rose plants to milk the aphids of their sweet excretions.  I noticed brightly coloured lady birds and their larvae voraciously eating the aphids.  I noticed green caterpillars eating holes through the middle of the rose buds (now I want to kill them too – but then I wouldn’t get the pretty butterflies) and a variety of tiny wasps buzzing around picking out prey. Now if I spray I will kill more than just aphids.  To spray or not to spray – that is my dilemma.
I think I’ll just go and shoot them with the camera.

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  1. I always end up doing this too! I'm fascinated by the relationship between aphids and ants, but when they end up being "farmed" on my tired old lemon tree I have to spray them, otherwise the lemon tree will die.