Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cemetery, Place for Renewed Life

My husband and I stopped off at the old Toodyay Cemetery trying to find more information about long dead relatives and photograph any of their headstones we could locate.  In the process I came across an old, very weathered, cracked, wooden headstone with, what I thought, was an unusual creature perhaps beetle on it.  So with my desire to share all amazing creatures, I raced off to grab my husband to check out what I’d found, and to see if he could identify it. 
When we returned I noticed its shape had changed.  It wasn’t a beetle at all.  It took some time to work out that it was a butterfly newly emerged from its chrysalis and we were getting the rare opportunity of watching it expand its wings ready for its first flight. We watched and were awe-struck with this amazing process.
We find it quite ironic that a beautiful ‘new life’ emerged from a place of the dead.
….Oh, and I still haven’t been able to identify what type of butterfly it is. So if anyone can help it would be appreciated.

Butterfly New Life 2

Butterfly New Life 8

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